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This was the first flyer we made and handed out to 1000s of people. And it paid off. This was the one that got us started and the word out there. We almost had 800 people at our first event. The bike in the pic is the rare 1933 DAH factory hillclimb bike number 501. While Byrd McKinney power wheelies up the short track hillclimb in California, he does it with ease, I suppose the high comp alcohol burning 750cc DAH was designed for this exact thing. From my experienced guess is that this picture was taken in the early 30s. This image is from our sponsor The Harley City Collection in Melbourne Australia who owns this bike and you can go see it in person.

We only printed about 50 of these posters and have 5 left. So these are rare and will not be ever reproduced

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Second poster
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